No, I am not losing my mind, I am not crazy, and I am not weird.

I take the topic of UFO’s very seriously and so should you.

I am concerned that many people either do not know or do not seem to care about the following fact:

We have been (and still are being) engaged by a non-human intelligence.

This is in fact, real.

There is evidence that humans have observed visits from odd and unusual craft through all of recorded history — even back to the prehistoric ages.

But in modern times, the governments of the world have not acknowledged these visits and have only tried to bury them.

For example, the US government lied to the public about various aspects of this topic dating back to the 1940s. These lies include denials of the visits, as well as the fact that they claimed they were not studying the topic when in fact they were. In addition, they actively debunked reports of incursions into our airspace just to control the media.

They suppressed the knowledge of these visits from public view through a carefully crafted strategy that stigmatized the topic, making it difficult to talk about. This strategy kept the topic obscured from public opinion for more than 75 years.

The need for this strategy existed due to two main contributing factors:

1.) The job of a government is to protect its land, assets, and citizens. In addition, most modern governments must answer to its people. This topic is a complete mystery. To this day, no government has a complete picture. They cannot say what it is, and they definitely cannot control it. This is both embarrassing and frightening to those in control.

2.) When UFOs first appeared in modern times the world had just gone through World War II. The first atomic bombs had just been dropped on Japan and tensions formed between previous allies due to the threat that this new weapon could potentially pose. This was the beginning of the Cold War, and a nuclear arms race began between the United States and the Soviet Union. The technology demonstrated by these craft surpass the capabilities of all known technology on both sides, posing both the greatest threat and opportunity if it could be harnessed. Any advantage or edge that one country could get over the other would be of the utmost importance and would have to be treated as top secret.

The strategy was simple. Talk about the topic and lose your career, be embarrassed by your peers, or look weird to your family and neighbors. It happened in the military as well to those who worked in the public eye. People became afraid to talk about or admit they saw something out of fear of ridicule. You can still see this reaction today when people talk about it in public. Until these most recent months news reporters have been making light about the subject while smirking and poking fun at it. It was a self-serving strategy that worked extremely well.

However, this era is coming to an end now. I invite you to think about the following concepts:

As citizens of the Earth, we have a right to know that we are not alone and that we are being visited.

And like many other recent movements — it is time for the truth, and it is time for transparency on this topic. Governments may not have all the answers, but they know more than they are telling the people. They have more convincing evidence as well as physical samples of materials which are from “off-world vehicles not made on this Earth” as quoted by prominent physicist and government consultant Eric Davis.

This is a non-partisan topic and I believe that it is the single-most important topic we can be concerned with as a people. This is because this knowledge and information is fundamental to everything. It not only affects all other aspects of life, but it genuinely unites us as one people.

An understanding of the universe, the true nature of reality and our true history would impact our outlook and our civilization in unimaginable ways — potentially both good and bad. Either way we should know these truths so that we can make informed decisions on how to spend our energy and time.

Given that these visits are occurring regularly, we do not seem to know much else:

Who are they?
Where (or when) do they come from?
What do they want?
Do they mean us harm?
Do they mean us well-being?
Why are they here?
Are we safe?

If the governments of the world could not figure out any information about the visitors, then should we not have the right as citizens to try to help figure it out? This opens entirely new possibilities for career paths for new sciences, new scientists, new studies for anthropologists and the like.

We can now ask bigger questions of ourselves:
Who are we?
Where do we come from?
What else have we not been told by our government?
How do religions relate to this?

The list of questions is very long; it goes on and on and on.

I urge you to accept that this is not a conspiracy theory. These are facts. High level current and former government employees are finally working towards disclosure and have recently begun the process of informing the public.

If this has not moved you yet, then you may be asking yourself the following question:

“Why should I care?” or “So what?” or “Yeah but how does this affect me?”

If you are asking yourself these questions, then you are too close to the forest to see the trees. The answers are all around you.

Humanity is struggling. There is sickness, injury and death caused by both natural and man-made problems. There is strife where there should be harmony. There is war where there should be peace. There is suffering where there should be abundance. There is discourse where there should be unity. There is hate where there should be love. Our differences and psychological mindsets have us killing each other in the fields of distant countries and on the corner down the street. Corporate greed and ignorance of ecological problems are destroying the planet and its resources. We, as a whole, are self-destructing, and that could be an eventuality.

But even where life seems normal there is struggle. Go to work to pay for gas and food so you can get to the next day where you must go to work and continue the cycle. Even in your daily life you are so use to the struggle that you do not realize that it is a struggle. It may not have to be that way — at all.

Consider that if another civilization has reached Earth, then it has likely found a way to survive through its own trials and tribulations. They likely solved the most fundamental problems and challenges that we have been struggling with for decades. Social challenges such as violence, racism, discrimination and greed. Ecological challenges due to damage to their ecosystem caused just by existing and technological problems, such as harnessing zero-point energy, traveling faster than light and having abundance for all.

A few points have become clear:
1.) The technology demonstrated by these craft is so advanced that it likely could solve all of our energy problems if we were to be given access to it. Logic would dictate that this would only happen if we were to change our ways. We must unite as one people, stop the violence, and start caring for one another as well as the Earth. If we were granted access to these technologies without first solving these other problems, we would assuredly self-destruct — even by trying to do the right thing. Beyond that concept, without these technologies we are kept to our miniscule corner of the universe. What wise and knowledgeable authority would sensibly allow humanity to embark on interstellar travel, given our past actions?

Many of those that have purportedly encountered beings have reported the same message over and over. Technology, while amazing and progressive, is not solving our fundamental problems as a people. Until we solve these problems, we will never become part of the greater Universal Community.

2.) Their actions have indicated that they do not want us to use (or have) nuclear weapons. They’ve tampered with these weapons in order to teach us a lesson. For more information lookup the work of Robert Hastings. He has a documentary called “UFO’s and Nukes” on Amazon Prime. Additionally, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with former military personnel Robert Salas and Professor Dr. Robert Jacobs. They are both important witnesses regarding this specific area of interest.

They seem to be telling us to lose these weapons. If we do not change our course, we risk destroying ourselves or, even worse, having someone else fix things for us, potentially leading to our destruction.

Who are they?

We do not know. We may not even be able to comprehend who they are but here are a few possibilities:
-Extra-terrestrial civilizations
-Artificial Intelligence created by other civilizations
-Artificial Intelligence created by our own future civilization
-Ultra-terrestrials (future generations of humanity, coming back)
-Dimension travelers
-Spirits, gods, angels, demons
-Something that we have no words to describe.

But could it be China or Russia? Or other adversaries?
If this phenomenon was the result of technology that is being sent by it’s adversaries, then the United States has already lost the position as dominant world power. The technology and physics displayed are that far advanced. That prospect would be more terrifying and graver to us than if we were being visited by an ET. If that was the case then how do you explain the fact that these countries are also looking for answers on what this phenomenon is.

Why now?
A few reasons. Because our technology and awareness level has finally hit the point where the topic can no longer be suppressed. We are also ready for this big news, more than we have been in the past 75 years. The cold war is long over and the strain on our planet is becoming more visible every year. Lastly, the changing of the guard has been happening in the government. Old mindsets are fading with a younger generation. Researchers have been studying this topic for years but it really gained momentum after the New York Times published the article titled “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program” in 2017.

The following short (though by no means exhaustive) list of people have been addressing this topic seriously and discussing it with the public on national media. You can search for any of these individuals on YouTube to learn more about their thoughts on this topic:

John Ratcliffe — Former Director of National Intelligence, USA
Marco Rubio, Republican — United States Senator for Florida, USA
Harry Reid, Democrat — Former United States Senate Majority Leader, USA
Luis Elizondo — Former head of Pentagon’s Advanced Arial Threat Identification Program (AATIP), USA
Christopher Mellon — Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, USA
Former President Barrack Obama — Democrat, USA
Former President Donald Trump —
Republican, USA
Kirsten Gillibrand — Democrat, United States Senator, USA
Timothy Burchett — Republican, House Representative, USA
Avril Haines — Director of national intelligence
Avi Loeb — Head Professor Harvard Astronomy, head of the Galileo Project
Gary Nolan — Immunologist, Professor & Chair in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine
John Podesta — Former White House Chief of Staff, Obama Administration, USA
Nick Pope — Former UFO Investigator for the Ministry of Defense, Great Britain
Paul Hellyer — Former Minister of National Defense, Canada
James Woolsey — Former Director of the CIA, USA
James Brennan — Former Director of the CIA, USA
Leslie Kean — Author and Independent Journalist with published articles in the New York Times, USA
Ralph Blumenthal — Author and Independent Journalist with published articles in the New York Times, USA
James Fox — Documentary Filmmaker of the recently released film “The Phenomenon”, 2020

Over the coming months and years, you will come across more information about this topic. It is a topic of great significance to humanity, and by sharing this article and helping to spread awareness, you can play a crucial role in bringing attention to this issue.

I believe we are moving into the Recognition Era. This is the time period where humankind globally accepts that intelligent forms of life exist everywhere in the universe and are likely able to visit us here on Earth.

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